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This is the Mysterious-Scotland.com main page displaying typical Scottish outfit and fashion. On the sub-pages you will find a lot of different typically Scottish clothes like kilts, sweaters, cardigans, bonnets, gloves etc. and kilt accessories of TOP quality. As these companies are producing most of the offered items in their own workshops you don´t have to pay the normally very high trade margin and can safe a lot of money!

All you have to do to is to click on the pictures and banners below. A new website will open and you can start your colourful window shopping. Just by touching the pictures with your mouse without clicking the link you can read a short offer survey of each company.

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E-KILTS offers 100% hand-made men´s, child´s and lady´s KILTS, KILT PACKAGES, TREWS, SHIRTS, FOOTWARE and valuable KILT ACCESSORIES like Sgian Dhus, Scottish caps, plaids, kilt pins, belt buckles and brooches to very reduced prices - NO TRADE MARGIN!


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